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The Lock-Up

Mar 4

About The Lock-Up

When you walk into The Lock-Up, it feels as if time has stopped and put its brakes on. You're instantly greeted by a sense of history that can only be felt for yourself because this isn't just any building; No matter how much we change over the years, these walls will always hold remnants from our pasts which give them a character in ways nothing else does.

Located in the heart of downtown Newcastle, The Lock-Up was once a police station and lock up from 1861 until its closure in 1982. This building includes rare heritage listed cells that were used for both prisoners as well event space with an installation area where art exhibitions could take place or concerts hosted by local musicians who had studios here too.

What To Do At The Lock-Up

The Lock-Up is the perfect place for art lovers who are looking to explore new perspectives on their favorite artists or try something different themselves. The curated programs at this venue will stimulate you with stimulating works from all over, while challenging your opinion about what an artist should look like in order have successful work.

The contemporary art scene in this city is vibrant and ever-changing. There are frequent exhibitions, events that range from site specific installations or performances to creative talks by leading artists as well workshops for those who want more hands on experience with their craft.

Since its inception, the Lock-Up's nationally renowned Artist in Residence (AIR) Program has provided onsite accommodation and a work environment for contemporary artists working across all disciplines. The program offers these benefits as part of their commitment to supporting artwork by talented individuals who would otherwise go without exposure or representation due media attention spans being so limited these days.


One local company in Newcastle involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Newcastle Blinds Professionals

Address: Unit 15/102 Bridge St, Waratah NSW 2298

Phone: (02) 4003 6447